Introduction To The Thinking Mind

The Thinking Mind is an undeniably powerful tool as it provides a framework which enables an understanding of the world around us. But, the Thinking Mind can also be incredibly limiting if we don’t understand that we are only seeing one perspective of the reality. Below you can learn more about the thinking mind and how we can move beyond it.

The Thinking Mind Is Naturally Restless

By: Hans Vink
Introduction To The Thinking Mind: Restless Thinking Mind

The thinking mind is naturally restless, moving quickly from thought to thought. The thoughts that occupy our mind may only last for a moment. Then a new thought will enter and the last one will depart. Usually we have little control over these thoughts and they will come to us unbidden.

For example we may be thinking one moment of what we will have for lunch, then a moment later the fight we had with our partner in the morning, and then our concerns for the future. This constant flow in and out of thoughts never allows us to find peace.

Because the thoughts that enter our mind are not usually of our own choosing, we can become in a way prisoners of our minds. Our mind is constantly giving us something to focus our our attention on. We are not truly free from the thinking mind until we learn how to still it

Our Mind Is Constantly Judging And Evaluating

Our thinking mind is also constantly judging, evaluating and comparing the things that it comes to into contact in the physical world. It uses it own perceptual filters to render judgements about the world around us. While this can be useful is certain contexts it is also limiting. When we evaluate something we are only seeing some from one perspective. But all things can be viewed from a multiplicity of perspectives.

By making these judgements we essentially cut ourselves off from other forms of truth. All of us have filters in our mind which allow in certain thoughts and reject others. For example one person may think about global issues and politics on a daily basis. Another person may give these thoughts no consideration at all. Another person may be deeply concerned with their interest in a particular sport. For another person no thought of this sport will ever be considered.

The Thinking Mind Takes Us Out Of The Now

By: zoutedrop
Introduction To The Thinking Mind: Takes Us Out Of The Now

When our mind is constantly thinking it is taking us out of the present moment. We are not able to truly “see” the world around us, because our mind is either thinking of the future or the past. As noted earlier common thoughts might include things that we would like to have or concerns we have for the future. Thoughts of the past are often regret based of decisions and events that we wish we could change. It is important to realize that neither the past or the future really exists. The only moment that is real is the one that you can experience right now.

The Problem Of Dogma

One result of the thinking mind is the problem of dogma. Dogma can be religious, political or scientific beliefs that state one thing is right and another thing is wrong. These dogmatic beliefs suggest that they encapsulate the whole of all of the truth. Dogmatic beliefs are comforting to the believer because they give them the sense of security that understand the truth. Unfortunately, dogma can be very limiting and eventually all are revealed to be false at some point in time. This is usually upsetting for the believer and sends them looking for other dogmas to believe. However, the fundamental problem with dogmatic belief arises because we identify with thought.

Moving Beyond The Thinking Mind

The vast majority will live our lives trapped within the confines of the thinking mind. We never realize that there is a higher state of awareness that we can move towards. Moving beyond the thinking mind means stepping out of continual thinking and finding stillness which allows us to simply observe the world without judgement. There are specific mental exercises such as meditation, which allow us to still our minds and find peace. When we move beyond the thinking mind our perceptions become unclouded by internal mental commentary. We can for example simply observe a tree or the sky. We can listen to someone without having to filter their comments through our own perceptual filters. We can truly become aware of the world that exists around us.

Be present Now. Why Not 

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