What is an affirmation? Question finally answered

Nowadays it is quite common to hear people talking about how affirmations have changed their lives. So what is an affirmation? An affirmation is a short powerful statement that is aimed at helping you to be in conscious control of your thoughts. When you say or hear such statements they transform into thoughts that shapes your reality. Basically affirmations are your conscious thoughts.

By: Omar Reyes

What you should know about affirmation

Affirmations simply mean saying something positively. It means that you assertively and firmly declare something to be true. By affirming that the statements you say are true you are declaring that what you want is true.
Ordinarily people continuously engage in affirmation subconsciously with their words and thoughts. Your thoughts and words most flow from beliefs that are learned patterns developed since your childhood. While some of these may work well others work against you. Thought patterns that work against you sabotage you from achieving whatever you want to achieve.

Affirmation and thoughts

Every affirmation that you say or think is based on reflections of your inner truth or beliefs. It is important to note that most of these inner truths may not be true or may be based on inaccurate information and impression constructed as a child. When such convictions are examined as an adult they get exposed and shown to be completely inappropriate.
Various studies have established that human beings are capable of having about 50,000 thoughts daily. This translates into about 300 thoughts a minute. Research shows that more than 80 percent of these thoughts are not positive.

Most of the more than 50,000 thoughts that race through the human mind daily fly below the conscious awareness level. When you are not aware of your thoughts there is a possibility that most of what you are thinking is negative. People who are not aware of their thoughts usually experience a nasty spiral downwards. If you keep in mind that about 80 percent of what you think is negative it means that the tendency to descend downwards gets even worse.
Basically most people wonder what is an affirmation and how it works to change their lives. Affirmations make your subconscious thoughts to be conscious; this helps you to become acutely aware of negative thoughts that always threaten to take over your life. This simple concept is based on the fact that your life is largely determined by what you think, therefore next time you have negative thoughts take care because they could influence what you get in life.

Out of the 50,000 thoughts that human beings have everyday about 90 percent gets carried over to the next day. If you have negative thoughts they simply gets rolled over to the next day which means that you have more self-defeating thoughts. This downwards trend will get you deeper and deeper into a rut rather than helping you to get out.

How the subconscious brain use behavior patterns

The subconscious portion of the human brain uses behavior patterns learned automatically to react and respond to daily events. This is an essential process in life that helps you to survive and respond quickly to events that take place around you. A quick or timely response would be impossible if you had to re-examine every aspect of the events and things that surround you every time something occurs.

The learned response and thought patterns enables you to automatically respond to situations as they arise quickly and efficiently, however problems arise when the foundations of these beliefs are formed from a wrong perspective .This may include a wrong strategy for approaching a difficult circumstance. Such beliefs are completely inept at assisting you succeed especially in the real world as an adult.

By choosing to think and declare positive things as true in your life the subconscious part of your mind is forced into either reappraisal or avoidance. Ordinarily the bigger the issue the larger the inner truth and the more likely that you will experience resistance. Ultimately the subconscious finds it easier to remain with its perceived inner truth and avoid the conflict using all means possible so as to keep away from examining the issue.

By: Omar Reyes

Using Affirmation

When you continually repeat these affirmations with a lot of conviction and passion they eat away at even the strongest resistance. For

people who wonder what is an affirmation and how effective is can be it is important to note that once the resistance is broken the subconscious is free to re-examine the core patterns and beliefs. Since affirmations simply reprogram your thoughts patterns they also change the way you think and feel about things. This will begin showing in your external life and you will experience seismic changes for the better in most areas of life.

 Have you ever used affirmations in your life? Let me know.

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