Introduction to Abundance

Introduction to Abundance Thinking

Abundance thinking is a radically different way of viewing the world to the one that most of us have been taught. It is mindset of gratitude which notices all of the positive things that the universe provides for us in such abundance. But is by no means a passive way of thinking about the world. Abundance thinking inspires us to look for the hidden opportunities that exist in our lives and to discover ways to grow the world’s resources so that all can benefit. Finally abundance thinking suggests that conflict and competition for the good things in life is unnecessary. There is more than enough for everyone in the world when we live in accord with the law of abundance.

The Law of Abundance

By: Luz Adriana Villa

The best selling book and video documentary “The Secret” introduced to the general public the concept of the Law of Attraction. However this is not the only universal law which governs success and prosperity. Another important universal rule is the Law of Abundance. This law states that all of the things that we need are effortlessly created by the universe. It is in fact our own mindset which makes us believe that things are scarce or difficult to obtain. When we live in accordance with the Law of Abundance we will find that we can meet our desires without having to struggle.

Scarcity Mindset Explanation

Unfortunately the scarcity mindset is more common than that of one of abundance. A scarcity mindset is where we are constantly thinking of the things that we need and want as being in short supply. This type of mindset is so common because of the social programming we receive as a child. Many of us are told by our parent’s lessons such as “money doesn’t grow on trees”. As we get older we look for evidence which supports these beliefs. Money does seem to be scarce and there is not quite enough for us to live life the way that we want to.

Global Implications Of A Scarcity Mindset

The scarcity mindset also has wider implications as well. When people believe that resources are scarce it naturally creates competition. This leads inevitably to conflict and reinforces the concept that if someone has something then someone else must be deprived of it. In contrast an abundance mindset is by its nature non competitive. It states that there is more than enough in the world for all of us. It allows us to be generous and share with other people because we know that we can always create more abundance in our own lives. If we were to think of the given resources as a type of “pie” then a scarcity mindset is concerned with making sure you get the largest slice, where as an abundance mindset looks at how we can make a larger pie. Abundance thinking encourages to be creative in the way we approach the world and look for hidden opportunities.

Noticing The Natural Abundance Around Us

By: torbakhopper

One of the main reasons that people have a scarcity mindset is because they fail to notice the natural abundance which surrounds them. It is easy to take for granted all of the things that we already have available to us. Look around the room that you are in right now. If you are reading this on the internet then you have access to a resource which has answers to almost any problem that you would like to pose it. You also exist in a sheltered room with the wonder of electricity to give you light and power any electronic devices you may own. In all likelihood your refrigerator houses a plethora of food that you can eat without you needing to gather, grow or hunt. One way to really becoming aware of the abundance that already exists is to start noting it down. Each evening make a list of ten things in your life that are already naturally abundant and that you can be grateful for. Not only will this help change your mindset to one of abundance thinking it will also make you aware of hidden resources and opportunities that you might currently be overlooking.

Summary of Abundance Thinking

Abundance is a natural law of the universe. We only need to notice what is already around us to see the resources and opportunities we already have available to us. When we live in accordance with the law of abundance we naturally attract those things which are good into our lives without having to struggle or compete with those around us.

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