How to Master the Creative Visualization Technique

Creative Visualization Technique

The creative visualization technique is the secret weapon of high achievers and sporting legends. As Arnold Schwarznegger said of his body building success:

“The body is very important, but the mind is more important”. 

Here you will find out how to use the creative visualization technique in order to achieve your own personal goals.

Before beginning you need to have a clearly defined idea of what you want to achieve. For example if you want to be wealthy, exactly how much money do you want to have and what does that look like to you? What kind of things would you want to have? Where would you want to live? And what kind of lifestyle would you want to lead?

Take out a notebook and pen and make a note of each aspect of the goal that you are trying to achieve. The more specific you can be about your goal, the more likely you are to realize it.

Often it is a good idea to start with a relatively simple goal when first practicing your visualization skills. So for example you might decide in the next 30 days you want to master eating a healthy breakfast. You could visualize yourself getting up early enough to make yourself a healthy and nutritious breakfast. This is a goal you have a high degree of control over and is relatively simple to implement but would make a positive change in your life.
Once you have seen the results that visualization can help you to achieve, you can then move onto more demanding and long term goals.

Practising The Creative Visualization Technique

How to Master the Creative Visualization Technique

Like any skill, practice make perfect. So before you try out your creative visualization skills on the goal that you want to achieve it is a good idea to practice first. To do this picture yourself doing something that you already do each day.

For example you might visualize yourself brushing your teeth in the morning. Make a mental movie of the routine you go through when you brush your teeth. See yourself applying the toothpaste to the brush, feel the brush rubbing against your teeth and taste what the toothpaste is like in your mouth. The more realistic the experience feels the better.
Once you feel comfortable visualizing something that you are already doing, you are ready to move on to visualizing your future goal.

Manifesting Your Goal

We are going to apply the same creative visualization technique that we used in the practice sesson to the goal that you want to achieve. Here are some tips to make the process as powerful as possible.

First you need to be in a relaxed state before begin. Find a quiet place and then use the following simple breathing exercise. As you breathe in and out, concentrate your attention on each breath. Next focus on each muscle in your body from your toe through to your head, tightening and then relaxing the muscle.

We will begin the exercise in what is called the third person perspective. This is looking at yourself from an outside view as if you were a character on a movie screen. See yourself performing the thing that you want to achieve, so for example if you want to lose weight you might see yourself stepping onto the scale or getting into slimmer pants. If you want to run your 10K faster, then see yourself breaking your personal best time.

Now move to the first person perspective. This is as if you are inside your own head, looking out. Because you are now on the inside looking out, you can experience the sounds and feelings that go with the experience. This perspective is often a little difficult for some people at first. If you find this too difficult move back to the third person perspective and then try the first person perspective again a few seconds later.


Success with creative visualization is all about repetition. Choose a time each day and make visualization a commitment that you always keep. Over time the compounding effect of clear creative visualization of your goals can work miracles.


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