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Experiencing a spiritual awakening can be an exhilarating, but sometimes frightening, experience. During a spiritual awakening we question not only what we thought was real but the very essence of who we are. Here you can learn more about what a spiritual awakening is and some of the causes of these awakenings.

What is a spiritual awakening?

What is a spiritual awakening?
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Spiritual Awakening: deeper awareness of the world

A spiritual awakening happens when someone develops a deeper awareness of the world around them and of themselves. They will gain a higher level understanding of what is actually real and their place in the universe. During a spiritual awakening they will begin to feel at one with themselves and the world around them. They may become more accepting of themselves and of other people. During a spiritual awakening people begin to let go of the limitations, hurt and other negativity that may have burdened their mind, body and soul in the past.

How long does a spiritual awakening take?

A spiritual awakening can occur in a moment, or it may take months or even years before the person reaches a state of higher awareness. There is no right time or length for for a spiritual awareness to take place.

Why is a spiritual awakening sometimes frightening?

Overall a spiritual awakening is a positive experience,. But, in the short term it can be a very disruptive and disturbing experience. During a spiritual awakening people often have to face fears and bad experiences that have occurred in the past. They often also have to question themselves and their identity which can be frightening and may make them feel alone. The new ideas and thoughts that they are having made even make them question their sanity. Often a spiritual awakening will be responded negatively by friends and family, were are used to the old conception of the person that they knew. This can make a spiritual awakening at times feel like a lonely journey.

What are the causes of the spiritual awakening?

There can be many different causes of a spiritual awakening. A spiritual awakening does not have to have a sudden life event occur in order to take place. That said, many spiritual awakenings are preceded by just such an event. This is because these events often lead us to question what we thought was true and our values and priorities.

Death or a near death experience is often one of the most called common causes of spiritual awakening. This could be a near death experience that the person has gone through. Or it might be the death of someone close to them. Death reminds us in a very stark way that our human bodies are mortal. The finiteness of our physical life when brought to our awareness will often lead to a deeper spiritual understanding of ourselves and the universe.

Changes in relationships will also often cause a spiritual awakening. This might mean meeting a new romantic partner or the dissolution of a relationship. Many people find their value and sense of purpose as a spouse, parent or lover. When this is questioned they may need to find a new way to perceive themselves.

Often their will be a teacher or guide that will awaken a new spiritual awareness. This teacher will may come in the form of a physical person, or it may be a book or other form of construction. The guides or teachers may be a traditional “guru”, or they could simply be someone who has a higher level of spiritual awareness themselves.

What is a spiritual awakening? a teacher or guide help.
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What is a spiritual awakening? reading a powerful book can help in the awakening process.

Another cause of spiritual awakening is through spiritual practice. For example, meditation or yoga often leads to spiritual awakening. People may start these practices because they want to get in shape or be less stressed. But, during the process they gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.


While a spiritual awakening can be frightening, the end result is invariably positive. People who experience a spiritual awakening gain a deeper sense of contentment and peace. It is important to remember that that this process is an awakening. It is therefore a rediscovery of things that we already know to be true and have since forgotten or ignored. A spiritual awakening is a return journey to truth and one that everyone will benefit from making.

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