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This Too Will Pass (Wise Shorts Ep. #6)

This to will pass self help robot

Wisdom stories from all over the world. This is the sixth in the series. This Too Will Pass (Wise Shorts Ep. #6)

According to an ancient Sufi story, there once lived a king who was torn between happiness and despondency. The slightest problems would cause him great sadness and torture. His happiness would quickly crumble into disappointment and despair. Finally, the king could not take it anymore.

He began to seek change, finding a wise man to help him achieve some enlightenment.

“Can you give me something that will bring balance, serenity, and wisdom into my life? I will pay you any price you ask,” the king said.

“I can help you, but no price is sufficient. Not even your entire kingdom could pay for it. Instead, I will give it to you as a gift, as long as you honor it.”

The king assured the man he’d honor the gift. The man handed him ornate jade box. Inside was a simple gold ring, inscribed with tiny letters. “This too, will pass,” the king read. He was confused. “What does this mean?” He asked the wise man.

“Wear this ring always. Whatever happens, before you call it good or bad, touch this ring and read the inscription. That way, you will always be at peace.”


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