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Visualization is the master skill of personal achievement. No matter what it is you want to achieve in life, visualization can help you to get it. Here you will learn about the power of visualization and how you can apply it to your own life.

Proof of the Power of Visualization

The power of visualization was clearly demonstrated by a study conducted by Alan Richardson an Australian psychologist. In the study Richardson took a group of basketball players and divided them into three separate sub groups. The purpose of the study was to test whether visualization could improve the player’s ability to perform free throws. Before the study began the players were tested as to how many free throws they could successfully make. Then each group was given a different routine to follow in the coming weeks.

Group No. 1 was told to practice their free throws for twenty minutes each day.

Group No. 2 was told to visualize their free throws but not to physically practice making shots.

Group No. 3 Neither visualized or practiced making free throws.

At the end of the study all three groups were tested to see how many free throws they could make. Unsurprisingly Group No.3 showed no improvement in performance. What was surprising was that Group No.1 and Group No.2 showed almost exactly the same level of improvement. This demonstrated that the practice that occurred in their minds was almost as powerful as what could be achieved actually physically practicing.

power of visualization
Visualization is the master skill of personal achievement

So How does  Visualization Works?

Visualization isn’t some special skill that only a few people have, in fact everyone has the ability to visualize. One of the interesting things about visualization is that no two people will visualize the same thing in the same way. For example if I was to form a picture of a house in my mind, it would be different to anyone else’s image of a house because our memories, experience and the way we perceive things are all different.

To visualize all you need to do is create a picture of what you want to achieve in your mind as if it is already happening. So for example if you want to lose weight, you might visualize yourself at your ideal weight, perhaps sliding into slim cut jeans. If you want to achieve a certain financial goal, you might visualize yourself checking your account balance and seeing the money already in your bank account.

Engaging All Of Your Senses

The more of your senses you use in your visualization, the more powerful it will be. We all tend to have one dominant sense. For example some people are more visual, where as some people are more auditory and others visualize things primarily by the way that they feel. Visualizing using your primary modality is fine but you should also try and incorporate other visual senses as well. So for example if you were visualizing getting a raise, you might see the amount for your new raise written on a contract, you might feel your boss shaking your hand and you might hear your boss congratulating you.

You Can Have Whatever You Want

One of the best things about visualization is its flexibility. You can use visualization to achieve anything in life that you want. This includes mastering a specific skill such as a language or a sport, or achieving a specific objective such as certain amount of financial wealth, your ideal body or finding a romantic partner. Remember that if you can conceive it in your mind then you can achieve it in your life.

I think the Power of Visualization is something that you can only truly understand if you try it yourself. So try it!