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Heart Rhythm Meditation is quite simply heart centered breathing. The practices teaches you how to train your heartbeat and your breathing so that they work together. This practice has been proven to improve the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of its practitioners. Below you can find out more about Heart Rhythm Meditation and how it can positively change your life.

Background To Heart Rhythm Mediation

Heart Rhythm Meditation
By: Leland Francisco
Introduction To Heart Rhythm Meditation: The Background

Heart Rhythm Meditation is based on ancient forms of meditative practice. These practices were developed and refined by Susanna and Puran Bair from the Institute for Applied Meditation. The methods become more widely known in 1998 when Puran Blair released his book “Living From The Heart”. This was followed later by the 2007 book “Energize Your Heart In 4 Dimensions”.

Heart Rhythm Meditation has no set of religious beliefs. So you can discover your own truth through the practice. It is not a traditional form or practice such as Buddhist meditation.

Principles Of Heart Rhythm Meditation

Heart Rhythm Meditation views the heart as the multi-layered center of the body. On one level it is a physical structure which is essential for circulating blood, regulating the body and creating hormone. At another level it is the energetic center of the body. Through this channel the magnetism and light that powers the body flows. At an even higher level the heart is also the core of the self and your connection with the infinite. It represent the heart of humanity and thus connects us with all other living people.

Benefits Of Heart Rhythm Meditation

People are initially attracted to heart rhythm meditation because there are changes that they want to make in their life. Perhaps they are stressed out, overwhelmed with negative feelings, suffering from ill health or just not living the life that they think that they should be. Heart Rhythm Meditation is able to help with many different area of your life.

Realizing Your Full Potential

Heart Rhythm Meditation distinguishes itself from other form of meditation in that is about helping your become who you want to be. It suggests that in life we come into contact with many different limits that stop us from realizing our potential. Heart Rhythm meditation helps its practitioners to overcome these limits. This is different to some other forms of meditation which are about removing one self from the world and removing desire. This form of meditation is about helping you to achieve your goals whether they are financial, spiritual or otherwise.

Physical breathing

 Heart Rhythm Meditation
Introduction To Heart Rhythm Meditation: The Mind Body Connection

A common reason that people study Heart Rhythm Meditation is because they are suffering from physical problems. The mind-body connection is well documented and there are many scientific studies which confirm the ability to heal oneself through positive thought. Because Heart Rhythm Mediation teaches you to connect your heart rate with your breathing you are able to gain greater control over your body. Students who have studies Heart Rate Meditation claim a number of physical benefits. This includes headaches, back pain and digestive issues all being healed through the practice. Because Heart Rhythm Meditation teaches you to calm your mind you will also find that is can produce relief from a number of stress related issues.

Emotional Benefits

Heart rhythm breathing helps you get in touch with your emotions. Emotions are signal that something is happening that you should be aware of. Heart Rhythm meditation teaches people to view emotions in a positive way that helps to guide them. By becoming more in touch with your emotions, instead of trying to repress them, you are better able to handle challenges that you might face in your life. The meditative practice also helps create an increased sense of optimism. Past practitioners note that when they once felt slightly depressed when they awoke, by meditating first thing they are able to gain emotional stability and clarity. Improving your mood can also help your relationships with other people.

How To Learn Heart Breathing Meditation

The basics of Heart Breathing Meditation are actually fairly straight forward. Consequently you can learn these by yourself and practice them at home. But to gain the full benefits of the practice it is recommended that you partake in one of the courses that are available. There are in person seminars which you can attend in either the UK or the United States. There is also an eight week web enabled distance learning course available.

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