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Guided meditation is one of the most effective ways to eliminate stress and to make powerful changes in your life. In a guided meditation session the meditator is guided to a state of inner stillness and deep calm. They meditator can be lead either by a live instructor or by a recorded audio track. Below you will learn more about guided meditation and how it can be used to positively impact your life.

Why Guided Meditation Is Effective

When you are in state of deep relaxation your mind is open to positive suggestions. Your guide, whether it is an instructor or a recorded sound track, will use this state to move you through a journey which will improve specific areas of your life. Guided meditation can be used to improve your confidence, to allow you to think more positively, to heal emotional or psychological wounds or to reach a deeper state of spirituality.

Who Is Suited To Guided Meditation?

Guided Meditation doesn't require experience or skill
By: NCVO London
Guided Meditation doesn’t require experience or skill


Guided meditation is a relatively easy form of meditation to perform. Because you are provided with specific instructions throughout your session it requires no prior training or experience. This makes it highly accessible to new practitioners. However just because guided meditation doesn’t require experience or skill to get started doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lot to offer experience meditators. Experienced practitioners can use guided meditation to achieve a deeper and more visual meditations. It can also allow them to address a specific area of their life that they would like to improve.

How Guided Meditation Is Performed

How To Practice Guided Meditation The Techniques And Approaches

Guided meditation is performed in one of two different settings, either individually or in a group. There is no one best setting for guided meditation as each type appeals to different individual personalities and lifestyles.

Individual Guided Meditation

Individual guided meditation is performed alone. Typically the meditation is done is a quiet room where you can sit comfortably. It is important when selecting the room that you are able to fully relax and not worry about being interrupted. Usually the meditator will be guided by an audio meditation CD, MP3 or DVD. A standard guided meditation track will feature soothing music along with subliminal messages that guide you through your visualization.

Group Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation Group
By: Matteo
Guided Meditation Group

As the name suggests a group guided meditation session is performed with a group of other meditators. The group will be lead by a meditation instructor. The instructor is trained to provide direction to the group members and guide them through the session. The instructor will also provide help and feedback to the group members when necessary. One of the other advantages of a group meditation session is the opportunity to interact and socialize with other people who share a common interest. Often these people are a good source of support as well as being able to offer advice and suggestions to help improve your meditation practice.

Types Of Guided Meditation

Now that you understand the two different types of settings that meditation can be performed in, it is time to learn the two different types of guided meditation that can be employed.

Audio Meditation

The first type of meditation is audio meditation. This is performed by listening to a vocal instructions. By listening to the vocal instructions the meditator can achieve a state of deep calm where it is possible to instil empowering new beliefs and achieve personal breakthroughs. The vocal commands provided will typically be accompanied by calming music in the background.

Mindfulness Meditation

The other type of guided meditation is mindfulness meditation. In this type of guided meditation the meditator focuses on their existing feelings, actions, beliefs, and their breathing. By performing this type of meditation the meditator is able to gain a deeper understanding of their thoughts and feelings. They can also create a greater understanding of the world that surrounds them and the actions that they can take in it. Mindfulness meditation frees the person from thoughts of the future or the past and allows them to enjoy living fully in the present without judgement.


Guided meditation has a lot to offer both new and experienced meditators. Regular guided meditation sessions can help to relieve stress and remove negative thoughts. At the same time it can help the practitioner to create personal breakthroughs and find a deeper understanding of themselves. Overall guided meditation can help to develop a happy, healthier and more successful you.