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Affirmations are nothing but simply the statements which we say to ourselves either in a positive manner or negative manner. The power of affirmations has been promoted by the masterminds and spiritual gurus since times immemorial. The affirmations generally are in the form of inner dialogue or self-talk which constantly roam around in one’s head. In other words, the affirmations refer to the words which are frequently said in order to affirm a specified thought yourself or about others.

Affirmation: belief to reality

By: The Wandering Angel

Once these thoughts are repeated frequently, these get converted into belief. And then the human mind thinks this belief to be a reality. In this manner, we humans tend to form fears of health, poverty, weight, relationships and the list goes on. These negative thoughts get internalized and ultimately become a part of one’s subconscious. Consequently, these negative affirmations attract negative energy. Hence the negative affirmations should be replaced with positive affirmations. To witness strong outcomes, you need to effectively utilize your power of affirmation.

Basically, the power of affirmation instills in you the determination to develop positive thoughts and get rid of nay negativity. But you would need to have dedication and you need to commit to yourself to make the power of affirmation effectively work for you. If you intend to ensure the effectiveness of the power of affirmations, you would need to repeat all the positive statements with interest, attention, desire and most importantly faith.
The affirmations can be used for multiple things to be done. This explains the impact and power of affirmations on our lives. Some of the examples are as given

Affirmations for healing

Affirmations for healing: When a person is ill, he/she is constantly affirming his/her illness. As long as you speak of the illness over and over, you will yourself develop an energy spectrum of illness in your mind. But the moment, you realize its negative impact on you and the moment you choose to use the power of the words said in your sub-conscious, the energy of illness will be converted into energy of health and well-being.

Affirmations for Love

Affirmations for Love: If you constantly feel that love gives rise to pain, then you will be unconsciously repelled away from love. But you will be able to realize the actual beauty and heavenly pleasure of love only if you implant a new code within your body and mind in favour of love.

By: coolcal2111

How to create Affirmations

The best and the most effective way to use affirmations is to repeat them on a constant basis so that these thoughts get instilled in one’s subconscious. You can perform this as a part of your daily regime. Another option is to jot down your affirmations on a piece of paper and paste them on the walls f your room so that you would be able to go through them always.

The more determined you are and the stronger you focus on effectively utilize the power f affirmations, the sooner you can get to experience the positive results in your life. There are some basic recommended guidelines to follow while sating the affirmations. These include:

Always make sure that you always use the word “I” in your statement.
Keep on repeating the affirmation statement frequently.
Always try to make the affirmation statements simple.
Use only the positive statements.
Use your imagination and visualization to the fullest as you frequently repeat your statements.

Here are few examples of the affirmations

I am healthy.
I am financially sound.
I learn quickly.
I am loved.
I have job satisfaction.
I can control my own thoughts.
I can achieve great success in life.

The affirmations are so powerful and have such impact in your lives that they can either make a person or break a person completely. Everything depends on the path a person chooses. The power of affirmations serves in leading you to a place where you will tend to physically, mentally and emotionally believe them to be true. Ultimately, you will get positive outcomes irrespective of your current situation and circumstances. The affirmations serve to be very powerful tools in order to develop a positive attitude. The negative thoughts can completely sabotage your inner peace and happiness. Hence get to live a healthy and contended life by using the power of affirmations effectively.

Do you believe in the power affirmation?  Let me know . I do 🙂