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The law of attraction can give you whatever it is that you desire in life. Unfortunately not that many people know how to harness its power. Below you see  how to use the law of attraction by following these five simple steps.  How that sounds ?  

Step One : Know what you want

Before you can manifest anything into you life you need to know exactly what it is that you want. The more specific you can be about what you want the faster you are going to be able to manifest it. The universe responds well to specificity and so you want to think in detail about the things that you desire.

By: Moyan Brenn

For example imagine that you want to be rich. This is a common desire for many people but it is not a very specific wish. The fact is in comparison to most people on the planet anyone who is reading could arguably be described as already “rich”. But maintaining your current level of income and wealth is probably not what you have in mind.

So ask yourself what does being rich mean to you? What level of income would you earn each year if you were rich? How much money would you have in the bank? What kinds of things would you own? Where would you live and what kind of lifestyle would you lead? Another important question to ask yourself, is how would you feel if you already enjoyed this level of wealth? Connecting with these emotions is a critical aspect of manifesting this wish into reality.

Step Two: Remove any negativity

The next step is to remove any negativity you might have surrounding your manifestation. First look at how you are framing your wish. If you find you are using words like “Don’t” or “Won’t” or “Shouldn’t” then you need to reframe the sentence. For example you might conceive of your desire as you “don’t want to struggle financially anymore”. This is a negative statement and will only attract more struggles into your life. Instead you would show gratitude for the wealth and financial freedom you already enjoy and state how you look forward to even greater abundance coming into your life.

Negatives can be useful because they provide a contrast to show what we do actually want. Negatives are actually a great starting point because they are typically much more obvious to us than our desires. We may be frustrated with feeling lonely, or overwhelmed or struggling financially. By reversing what we don’t want we can find out what it is that we actually do want.

Step Three: Manifestation

Now that you understand what it is that you want it is time to manifest it. We do this by placing our focus on our desire. The most common way to achieve this is through visualization. Choose a quiet place and time when you will not be disturbed. Then play in your mind a “mental movie” of you already having achieved exactly what it is that you desire. For example if you want to lose 20 pounds of weight then see yourself at this new body weight. You might see yourself putting on a new pair of jeans and noting your new waistline measurement. As you are playing this mental movie you should feel happy as if this new you has already happened. Your positive mental feelings will make its manifestation occur even faster.

Step Four: Be Grateful

By: Pedro Ribeiro Simões

The next step is to use gratitude. Being grateful is actually one of the most powerful ways of manifesting your desires into your life. Essentially gratitude is the act of noticing the good things that already existing in your life and giving thanks for them. Remember that “like attracts like” and so when we are grateful for the good things in our life we attract more of these good things to us. A good way to make gratitude a daily practice is to use a gratitude journal. And the end of each day write down five things from that that day you are grateful for.

Step Five: Trust In The Process

The last step is to trust that the law of attraction will give you what you desire. When you question why your wish has not manifested itself you are creating thoughts of lack and doubt. This in turn can slow and even negate the positive thoughts that you previously focused on. But if you can believe that in time you will get exactly what you want with absolute certainty then the physical manifestation of your desires is inevitable.

So let me know somethings that were manifested through the law of attraction in your life.