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Guided meditation is divided into two primary types – Individual and Group guided meditation. Both types of meditation are effective and so choosing one or the other is really a matter of personal preference.

Attending a group meditation class has a number of benefits including getting direct instruction and help with your session. If you have any problems you can ask either the instructor or other members of the group for assistance. Individual meditation has the advantage that you can perform it any time that you like and in any setting. This makes it perfect for people who may not have the time or the desire to attend a group session.

Introduction to Guided Visualization Meditation

Many practitioners of guided meditation use a combination of both methods; attending group sessions while also practicing guided meditation in the comfort of their own homes. Below we will look at both types of meditation in more detail and what you can expect to experience.

A Guide To Individual Guided Meditation Techniques

How To Practice Guided Meditation The Techniques
Guided Meditation The Techniques

To perform an individual guided meditation you are going to need a guided meditation script. Most practitioners purchase a pre written script which will have been recorded to a CD, MP3 or DVD. It will typically be accompanied by soothing music.

If you prefer you can actually create your own guided meditation script. There are a number of guided meditation scripts available for free on the internet that you can copy or use as inspiration. One of the advantages of creating your own script is that you can tailor it to your own visual preferences and specific personal development goals. Once you have written your script you will need to record it so that you are able to play it back to yourself during the session.

Now that you have your guided meditation script you are ready to begin your session. You should select a room in your home where you would like to perform the guided meditation. This room should be quiet, comfortable and free from distractions. You may want to make the environment even more pleasing by adding cushions or incense. You can choose to adopt any comfortable position while listening to the audio track. Most people choose to sit on a cushion, a chair or directly on the floor. You may prefer to perform the guided meditation sitting down.

When you are ready switch on the guided meditation audio track. From here you simply need to follow the instructions as provided on the audio track. Typically the session will start with deep breathing and then an invitation to close your eyes. Once you are relaxed the audio track will take you through a visual journey. While all guided meditation tracks will seek to calm you, some will have specific areas of your life that they will seek to help you with.

At the end of the guided mediation track you will be invited to come back to normal reality and open your eyes. When you finish the meditation calmly and slowly allow yourself to rejoin the normal world.

Overview Of A Group Guided Meditation Session

Guide Meditation The Peace
How To Practice Guided Meditation The Peace

Here you can find out what you should expect to experience if you decide to attend a group guided meditation session. Group meditations sessions do differ depending on the instructor and their style but should be broadly similar to this.

Typically you will be seated either in a circle or rows. You may be provided with a cushion or chair so that you are more comfortable. The instructor will speak to you calmly and slowly throughout the session. If the instructor is using a meditation script that they have obtained from someone else they will typically attribute it to that person at the beginning of the session.

Next the instructor will start some background music which will accompany the meditation session. This will be calming music that helps to create a sense of serenity and freedom from the outside world. Some instructors may mark the start of the session with a bell or chime.

Once the meditation session begins you will be asked to take a series of deep breaths. This slow and deep inhalation and exhalation will help to calm your mind and body. You will then be invited to close your eyes for the duration of the meditation.

The instructor will then begin speaking their guided meditation script. A typical script will take you ask to you visualize a series of images and experiences. An example would be walking along a beach and listening to the gentle sounds of the waves.

At some point the instructor might include a moment of silence. At this point you will be able to experience a sense of deep calm. When the instructor believes that the group is ready he will bring them back from this moment of silence. At the end of the meditation the instructor may ring the bell or chime to signal the end of the session. They will also invite the participants to return to a normal state of consciousness and open their eyes.

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