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People the world over seek out love.  As a species we long to give love to others, and to receive it in return.  With a lack of love in our lives we can feel empty and depleted, yet finding it isn’t always easy.  How many times have we all heard that you find love when you’re not looking for it?  I propose the exact opposite.  With creative visualization you can bring the love you desire to your life by actively choosing to focus on it.  One of the very first steps in using creative visualization is to learn how it can work for you, and how you can use it to get the love you desire.

How to Begin:

One of the greatest aspects of creative visualization is how simple it is to utilize.  This focused thinking can be used by anyone, anywhere.  To begin you will want to think carefully about the love you want.  It can be helpful to use a piece of paper to jot down the ideas as they come.  Think about what love is to you.  What do you want in your ideal partner?  Be as specific as possible.  The more pinpointed your thoughts the more successful they can become.    It may feel shallow to focus on appearance but this can be an important aspect because you want to create as clear an image as you can.  With this image you want to imagine a specific age range, and personality.  All of us know what we imagine our ideal partner to be, that is the visual you want to create for yourself.

As you continue to create this vision, also add in how it feels to be loved, what type of lifestyle they would want, activities you can spend time doing together, what type of interests they might have, how successful they are, and what type of work they do.  This is your ideal so make it as detailed as you like.


How to use you’re the details:

Once you have created your list you are ready to move on.  To begin using creative visualization you will want to choose a few times a day to meditate on the ideal love you’ve designed with your list.  You will want to choose times throughout the day when you can be alone.  A quiet peaceful space is perfect.  Get comfortable and begin to focus on your breathing so that you can go into an almost meditative state.  Once you have fully relaxed you can begin to visualize the love you want.  Focus on the aspects you’ve written on your list and let your mind wander through what it would feel like to have the love you’re dreaming of.

As you use the creative visualization you want to imagine your life as if you have already gotten the love you’re seeking.  Imagine yourself living a happy and fulfilled existence with the love of your life.  Imagine having vacations together, and shared interests, children – whatever it is you want.  As you go through these visions try to feel them as if they have happened or are happening in your life right now.  Feel yourself happy and in deep love.  Hear their voice in your head as they tell you they love you.  Make the vision real.

Keep up the visualizations:

Like most things in life, creative visualization isn’t immediate so you will need to have patience.  Continue with your visualizations and you’ll find that soon enough you’re drawing the energy and love that you want into your life.  Don’t expect them to suddenly show up tomorrow, but know that with your creative visualization you are drawing them closer and closer to where you are and with time you will find each other.  Before you know it you’ll be living the life of love, happiness, and fulfillment with the partner you’ve imagined.