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Whenever you step out of the noise of thinking, that is meditation, and a different state of consciousness arises.

 Eckhart Tolle

As with the introduction to meditation, I want to help in the understanding of what mediation is and in so doing help with your level of consciousness.

In this guide we will examine how to do meditation and make it in a regular part of your life. We will explain three simple methods that you can use in order to practice meditation. These three methods include breathing meditation, a simple mantra meditation and meditating using a crystal or candle flame.


In order to practice meditation it is recommended that you find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Although you will be closing your eyes during the meditation of most of these practices it is generally better if the environment is clean and free from clutter. You will not need to use music for these meditation methods as most people find this to be a distraction.

While performing the meditation sit however you feel most comfortably. Many people like to place a cushion under their backside while sitting on the floor. You do not need to use any type of sitting that may be uncomfortable for you such as the lotus or kneeling positions. However for more advanced meditation practioners these positions can be of value.

Try to meditate every single day. It is better to meditate regularly for only five minutes than to meditate once a month for an hour. Over time you will find that you can maintain your focus for longer periods of time and can extend your meditating sessions.

How to meditation
How to do meditation: closing your eyes is up to you

Breathing Meditation

Step One: Once you are seated comfortably close your eyes. Allow yourself to become settled by simply noticing the sounds and physical sensations you are experiencing.

Step Two: Now that you are settled focus your attention on your breathing. You do not need to force your breathing or use complex techniques. Simply place your attention of the exhaling and inhaling of your breath. Experience what it feels like physically to breathe, such as the feeling of air on your throat.

Step Three: While meditating your attention will occasionally move away from your breathing. This is completely natural and is in fact simply part of meditating. When you notice that your mind is wandering bring your attention back to your breathing. If you have a thought in your mind, notice it, and then allow it to drift away.

Step Four: Continue meditating for between 10 – 15 minutes. If you are new to meditating aim to meditate continuously for 5 minutes at first and then build up. When you finish allow your attention to slowly drift back to the physical world.

Simple Mantra Meditation

Step One: In this meditation you will be using a mantra which is a word or phrase you repeat over and over again. You can select any mantra that is meaningful to you. Popular simple mantras include Om, One, Love and I am.

Step Two: Close your eyes and turn your attention to your breathing. Notice your breathe as you inhale and exhale. Do not try to force or manipulate your breathing.

Step Three: Now begin to state your mantra. This can be said aloud or inside your own head. Keep your mind focused on the mantra that you are repeating. When distracting thoughts enter your mind, notice them, and then allow them to fade away.

Step Four: Continue to repeat your mantra for 10 – 15 minutes. When you are finished slowly bring your consciousness to the world around you.

Crystal or Candle Meditation

Step One: For this type of meditation we will be using either a lit candle or a crystal as a means of providing focus for our mind. If you are using a candle you should first dim the lights and light the candle.

Step Two: Get comfortable and start by focusing on your breathing. Keep your attention focused on your breath as you inhale and exhale.

Step Three: Now turn your attention to the crystal or lit candle that is in front of you. If you are using a crystal notice the colors and see if they change. If you are using a lit candle notice the flickering of the light and the patterns that it forms.

Step Four: As you meditate you may find your mind drifting away from the candle flame or the crystal. If this occurs bring your attention back to the candle or crystal.

Step Five: Continue this practice for about 10 – 15 minutes. If you are seeking answers you may wish to ask the crystal or the flame the question. Because you have placed yourself in a meditative state you will have a much better access to your inner voice.

So there are the steps people can we just meditate and stop the incisive thinking. Can we?