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Abundance thinking states that the universe produces more of the things that we want and desire than we could ever need. However in order to tap into this unlimited supply we need to adopt an abundance mindset. Below you will learn the practical steps you need to take in order bring abundance into your life and enjoy all that the world has to offer

Examine Your Current Mindset

By: Omar Reyes

For the vast majority of adults abundance thinking is not something that comes naturally. We are socially conditioned into believing that things we want in life are scarce and that if we want more of those things we need to struggle. Along with being taught that money is scarce we may have also received ideas like “money is the root of all evil”. If you have this as your foundational thinking then you are going to naturally repel wealth. Before you can start to use abundance thinking you need to closely examine your own thinking about abundance and material goods. Write down a list of the words and phrases that you most closely associate with these concepts. Then think of new beliefs for each of these that reinforce the idea of abundance.

Keeping a Gratitude Diary

The first step in adopting an abundance mindset is to start being grateful for all of the things that already exist in your life. One of the best ways to do this is to keep an Abundance or Gratitude Diary. In this diary everyday make a note of at least 10 things that are abundant in your life that you can be grateful for. Some people like to keep their gratitude diary with them through out their day so that they can make a note of things that are already abundant. The process of noting all of the abundant things that exist in your life will make you more likely to notice other things as well. This works in much the same way as once we purchase a new car we tend to notice other similar models around us. But before we purchased that car our brain was not “trained” to look out for these cars.

Surround Yourself with Abundant People

One of the major barriers to adopting an abundant mindset is being surrounded by people with a scarcity mindset. If everyone around you constantly reinforces the idea of material lack then it can be difficult to think that the world is abundant. This is one of the reasons that people who are born into poorer circumstances often find it difficult to achieve financial independence. In order to overcome this problem you need to find people who have an abundance mindset and begin spending time with them. You will be able to see how these people seem to attract wealth and abundance naturally too them. If you see consistent examples of the abundance mindset in action it can help to reinforce this belief in your own life as well.

Remove Negative Influences

The media is one of the major causes of the scarcity mindset. The news that you see on the television or read in your newspaper is overwhelmingly fear driven. The reason for this is that in the distant past being aware of potential dangers was very important. If there was a predator around us we needed to give that situation immediate attention if we were to survive. Even though the dangers presented in the news are very rarely pressing or potentially dangerous to us as individuals our brains still give them our full attention. News companies understand this impulse which is why the news is inevitably negative. Good news does not demand the same level of immediate attention that bad news does. If you are reading the newspaper or watching the news each day then you will be constantly being feed the idea of scarcity. It is difficult to have an abundance mindset with such as a diet of negative information. Removing this influence on your life will have a marked affect on how you view the world and its natural abundance.

Give It Away

give it away
By: Tim Green

Abundance thinking is often counter intuitive to the ideas that you may currently have. One of the most important of these ideas is the idea of giving in order to receive. If you truly believe in the idea of abundance you will not mind giving because you know that whatever you give away you will always receive back many times over. Whether you call it charity or tithing, making a regular practice of giving away a portion of your wealth will have a marked impact on the abundance that you attract into your life.

So start today my friends and bring abundance into your life.   What do you say?