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Kim Eng is both romantic (wife) and professional partner to best selling author Eckhart Tolle. Not only has she helped to bring Tolle’s spiritual message to wider audience, she is also a teacher in her own right. Below you can learn more about Kim Eng, her teachings and her life journey.

Kim Eng was born in Vancouver, Canada and first began her journey of spiritual discovery during the early 1980’s. However, the pivotal moment in her life occurred in 1998 when she attended one of Eckhart Tolle’s spiritual retreats. It was during this retreat that she would meet her future life partner, as well experiencing an intense spiritual transformation that would lead her to become a healer and a teacher.

Kim Eng’s Teachings

eckhart tolle and wife kim eng
eckhart tolle and wife kim eng

While many aspects of Kim Eng’s and Eckhart Tolle’s teachers are similar, she still retains her own unique style of teaching and spiritual message. Her primary teaching vehicle is her “Presence through Movement” workshop which she leads. During these workshops she teaches her students how they can integrate all aspect on of their mind, body and spirit. She believes that by understanding this practice people can learn to live in line with their true God-nature. By doing so they help to bring into being a new world.

 Turning Eckharts Work Into A Daily Practice

One of the key aspects to Kim Eng’s work is taking the teachings that are in “The Power Of Now” and “A New Earth” and forming them into a structured practice that students can implement in their lives each day. In order to deliver this message Kim Eng puts on seminars and workshops as well as producing DVD’s to reach a wider audience.

 Bringing Back Balance

One of the key challenges that people face is bringing back balance into their life according to Eng. For most people the masculine yang side of their personality predominates. What people need is to get back in contact with their inner Yin which is the feminine side. This will help to restore balance to their Yin – Yang. When this balance is regained people can understand who they truly are and their life purpose.

 Kim Eng’s Videos

Kim Eng is also the creator of two best selling instructional DVDs. These are “Presence Through Movement: Yin Yoga” and “Presence Through Movement: Qi Flow Yoga”. In “Presence Through Movement: Qi Flow Yoga” was Eng’s first video and was released in 2008. In the video Eng has used aspects of Yin Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi in order to help her students achieve joy of being. The video was filmed in Southern California and has an introduction by Eckhart Tolle where he talks about the importance of moving meditation. Some of the exercises included in the DVD include “The Bamboo Tree” which is a standing exercise designed to make you feel more grounded, “The Dragon Awakes” which incorporates gentle movements but helps to make you feel more invigorated, and “Shaking Exercise” which helps you to connect with your inner self. Overall the DVD provides a practical way to achieve the state of living in the now that Eckhart teaches.

Eng’s second DVD “Presence Through Movement: Yin Yoga” Was released in 2010. In this DVD Eng addresses the issue of regaining balance in her life. As noted above Eng believes that one of the biggest problems people face is that our energy is too focused on doing. What we need to do to bring our lives back into balance it to developed the Yin energy which is allowing. In this DVD she teaches a series of movements and postures which encourage this process of cultivating the Yin. Included in this DVD are exercises such as the Sleeping Swan, The Dragon and The Long Legged Butterfly.

One of the central tenets of the program is teaching the student to “be the space.” That is a state where you are allowing and accepting whatever that arises during the practice. By learning how to hold and move our bodies in a mindful way we can achieve balance in our lives. The DVD is designed to be appropriate for both beginner and experienced students.


Kim Eng’s role in Tolle Eckhart’s life has been beneficial not just for him but also for his many fans and students. Through her “Presence Through Movement” program she has developed a practical way to put into practice the teachings in Eckharts best selling books. Because her teachings are available both through her workshops and DVD’s, it is a message that all students can learn from.

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