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So you are probably asking Who is Eckhart Tolle?

Eckhart Tolle is the best selling author of the books “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”. Collectively these two books have sold over 8 million copies. He is also a spiritual leader to people all over the globe. A series of webinars he put on in 2008 with talk show host Oprah Winfrey were viewed by over thirty five million people.

who is eckhart tolle?
Eckhart Tolle and Oprah

Eckhart’s own spiritual journey began when he was 29 years old. After suffering in a state of depression and angst for many years he experienced a spiritual transformation when he had the revelation that there was no “self”. That life was a sense of presence or beingness. Immediately he felt peace for the first time in his life. He would later move to Vancouver, Canada where he would meet his future wife as well as pen his future best selling works.

Nice overview but how can Echkhart tolle teaching help me?

The best way to get to known Tolle is through the ideas that he teaches. Below we will look at some of the key concepts that are expressed in “The Power of Now”, Tolle’s best known work. One of the great things about Tolle, is that is ideas are very practical and can be applied immediately to see improvements in your enjoyment of life.

In order to get into the state known as the power of now, we should accept anything that happens to us as if we have chosen it. When something unfortunate happen to us we will often try and reject it. But until we accept that event we will not be able to move beyond it. Tolle suggests we look for how we can use bad events to grow and then act as if we chose to have that thing occur.

Tolle also says that with any situation that occurs to us, we have three choices. We can either attempt to remove ourselves from that situation. If we cannot do that we can choose to change the situation. And finally if we can’t do either of those two things, we can choose to accept it in its entirety.

To give an example of how this would work in practice, imagine you have a job that you dislike. You could quit your job, that would be removing yourself entirely. But perhaps you have responsibilities such as your family that making quitting impractical. You could change your job, so that you take on different responsibilities or approach you work in a new way. If you cannot change your job, then finally you can accept your job entirely and see how you can grow from the opportunity.

Another key concept of Tolle is the idea of the pain body. This is the concept of the way that we store up bad things that have happened to us and carry these emotions around with us. This pain emanates from us and can be sensed by those around us. It is important to observe ourselves and make note when these pain bodies are starting to make themselves present. Signs such as anger, frustration and depression are all indications that the pain body is becoming present. As soon as we notice the pain body starting to occur we need to deal with it. We can do this by changing the habitual way that we deal with this pain body. For example when we notice our pain body starting to occur we could exercise, call a friend or meditate.

Finally Tolle says that is important that we do not become attached to the fruits or rewards of our actions. For example this might be financial riches, a promotion or fame. Instead we should focus our attention on our actions. If we do this the rewards of those actions may occur, but that should not be our focus. When we are attached to the idea of obtaining something, we are in a state of suffering.

Eckhart Tolle teaching has played a big part in my life …  So  it’s your turn have you read any of  eckhart books? 

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