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You are a creator; you create with your every thought”

– Abraham Hicks

With this quote Abraham Hicks neatly summarizes the key principle of the law of attraction. Whatever you want to create in your life begins with your thoughts. If you consistently focus your mind with emotion on something then eventually you will find that it manifests into physical reality. In this introduction to the law of attraction we will look at the laws key tenets.

Like attracts like

Everything in the universe is at it most basic level composed of energy. The car that you drive, the house you live in, the food that you eat and even your body, is all essentially energy. Each of these types of energy has their own vibrational frequencies. Those energies which have the same vibrational frequency draw towards each other. For example you have probably seen happy people who can’t help but become a magnet to other happy people. On the other hand “Misery loves company” as they say, and those people that are miserable seem to naturally attract like minded souls. The principle of “Like attracts like” is not just true of people. Those with money seem to find getting more almost effortless. Good health and vitality attracts even greater levels of fitness. The more you focus on the good in life, the more of it you will manifest.

The law of attraction applies to everyone

The law of attraction is universal and applies to everyone whether they believe in it or not. In the same way that we cannot help but have thoughts, so to can we not help but create our reality with those thoughts. People who understand the law of attraction are simply taking control of a process that is already happening. We can use the law of attraction to direct our thoughts to those things we want to manifest in our lives.

The law of attraction is neutral

It does not matter whether you think positive or negative thoughts both can be manifested. For example if you are constantly worried about not having enough money or debt then you will continue to have financial problems. On the other hand if you consistently notice the abundance in your life then you will manifest greater wealth. The majority of people do not pay attention to their thoughts. Without noticing it they manifest negative events and people into their life. According to the law of attraction you can just as easily attract good things into your life as bad. And so it makes sense to gain control over your thoughts and the future you are creating for yourself.



One of the most important parts of the law of attraction to me is visualization.

you attract what you think about most
You attract what you think about most

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Create room for the things that you desire

When you want to manifest something new into your life with the law of attraction you must first create room for it. Bob Proctor one of the stars of “The Secret” tells the story of his aunt Marg who constantly complained about the old drapes that hung in her living room. He told her that she will never have the new drapes she desired until she removed the old ones. Eventually he convinced her to remove them, and sure enough soon there was new drapes where the old ones were. While this is a simple example it is also true of many areas of our lives. According to the law of attraction the universe will always seek to fill a void. To give another example if we want to attract a new love interest into our lives then we need to make room for them.

Trust in the process

When using the law of attraction it is important that you trust in the process. When you express thoughts of doubt in your mind you are actually delaying the process of manifestation. Once you have identified what you want and consciously focused on it, then you need to trust that it will occur. Remember that a delay is not a denial. Using the law of attraction does not mean that you will get whatever you want instantly. What it does mean is that if you keep what you want as your predominant thought then it will come to you in time. Not questioning if something will arrive is a key part of the process of manifestation.

So what do you make of the law of attraction ? let me know.

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