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A New Earth By Eckhart Tolle Chapter by Chapter Summary Chapter 9: Your Inner Purpose

In chapter nine of a “New Earth” Tolle discusses the idea of discovering your inner purpose. As Tolle points out once we have overcome the problem of survival, the issue of meaning and purpose becomes the most important questions we can ask.

 Life purpose

Many people feel that their life lacks purpose. They feel overwhelmed by their finances or living situation. They long for freedom and prosperity. But even in cases where the prosperity arise it is not enough to imbue their life with meaning. The problem is caused by looking for meaning on the outside. But it is not what you do but rather your state of conscious that gives your life meaning. In Tolles conception inner purpose is to do with being, outer purpose is to do with doing. It is inner purpose which is the most important of the two.

Tolle suggests that our inner purpose is simply to awaken. This is the same purpose that every person on the planet has. It is also the same purpose of humanity. When you live in alignment with your inner purpose then you have built a foundation for fulfilling your outer purpose. If you do not have this alignment you can be successful on the outside by doing but still not feel fulfilled.

  Awakening The Shift In Consciousness

Shift In Consciousness
By: Sira Hanchana
Awakening The Shift In Consciousness

The process of awakening is the shift in consciousness we are thinking and awareness separate from one another. This process is generally gradual and eventually transforms everything they do and becomes integrated into the person’s life. No longer are you lost in your thoughts.

As long as people are unaware of being they will seek meaning the doing in the future possibilities. Another way of thinking of this is that they are seeking meaning in time. Any meaning that you are able to discover on the outside will only be relative and last for a temporary time. An example is parents finding meaning in their children. There will come a time when they no longer need their parents. Another example is finding meaning in helping others. Again this relies on the fact that people are worse off than you so that you can feel good about yourself. If you’re meaning comes from being successful or winning eventually that success will come to an end. Being successful also means doing better than others. This means that others must fail in order for your life to have meaning. While this doesn’t mean that none of these ideas such as helping others finding success or caring for children are not worthwhile pursuits. It simply shows that these factors are unstable and impermanent.

Greatness Is Honoring Small Things In The Present Moment

If you ignore inner purpose then no matter what you do so in order to find meaning in life eventually it will be destroyed by time. Tolle suggests that the foundation for greatness isn’t the idea of trying to achieve huge things, rather it is honouring small things in the present moment. When you’re aligned with the present moment you’ll be able to access enormous power. Things such as anxiety stress and negativity limit your ability to access that power.

Be aware also impacts how you interact with people. When you meet someone you should give them your fullest attention. Whatever your original reason for interacting with that person, such as asking for information or trying to sell something becomes secondary. The awareness that exist between you is the primary reason for interacting.

 Accepting Uncertainty

 A New Earth Book Summary
A New Earth Book Summary

Tolle also points out the importance of accepting uncertainty. He tells the story of how he had a promising academic career but chose to give it up in order to become spiritual teacher. Later he gave up his home in England to move to the west coast of North America. He was living off savings and had basically no income. He almost run out of money when it bought a lottery ticket and won $1000. This allowed him to last another month and publish the book the Power of now.

Tolle ends the chapter by discussing the idea that all of the things in existence, from microbes to human beings, are not separate entities but part of an interconnected multidimensional process. This whole is made up of existing and being. It includes all things that are manifested and unmanifested. Tolle points out that animals are often more aware of this conscious oneness tham human beings. During the Tsunami disaster of 2004 almost no animals were killed. This is because animals naturally found themselves sensing the incoming waves and moved to higher ground. Humans that were out of touch with this oneness had no sense of what it is about to occur. It is our purpose to bring a new dimension to the world by living in conscious oneness and alignment with the universal intelligence.

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