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This chapter begins by discussing the occurrence of the big bang over fifteen billion years ago in a gigantic explosion and has been expanding ever since. Eckhart explains that the universe is always growing and becoming more complex and differentiated. He goes into how scientists think this drive towards multiplicity may reverse at some point and move back towards unity. The universe will eventually stop expanding and begin to contract again, reversing and going back to the nothingness, the unmanifested, and maybe even begin the whole process again of being born, expanding, and dying.

Inner And Outer Purpose

Your Purpose
By: Libelul
Inner And Outer Purpose

We all have an inner and outer purpose, and we are all reflections as microcosms of the macrocosm. The universe as well has an inner and outer purpose. The outer purpose is create forms and watch the interaction of those forms together, the human drama, the play. The inner purpose is to awaken to its inner formlessness, its essence. The purpose is to bring that inner essence of consciousness into the world of forms and thereby transform the world. That is the reconciliation between the world and “God” or whatever you want to call it, the physical plane and the spiritual plane, that of energy and formlessness.

The Infinite

Neither concepts nor mathematics or any other concrete thing can encapsulate the totality that is the infinite. The totality and its vastness cannot be pinned down by one thing. The unified nature of reality is a whole, but the scattered nature of thought divides it into pieces. This gives rise to perceptions that there exist separate things and events, that one thing gives birth to the rise of another. Each perspective originates from a thought, and perspective and thoughts imply limitation that means that it is not true, or at least not truth in absoluteness. Unlike Nature, the ego does not when to stop expanding. The form experiences expansion and then its eventual contraction, the loss of control. Each person’s life in form mirrors the world and the way the universe experiences itself.

The Dissolution of Form

The experience of the dissolution of form may provoke reactions from the ego but also carries a potential for awakening. Many are spiritually ignorant and suffer because of this. For many, death is an abstraction that they have not experienced except for the sanitized version, such as when a body is seen at a wake. Much of the pleasure of life is associated with ego, and so people react to death with fear, shock, incomprehension and despair. It is difficult to find great meaning, but there is meaning here. The disruption of experiencing sickness or death when it is not “meant” to be happening can disrupt outer purpose and lead to an exploration of inner purpose that enhances and deepens the outer purpose. Approaching death can be an awakening to the inner purpose and the realm of the spirit.

The Awakening of Consciousness and Intelligent Stupidity

Many now are beginning to awaken to consciousness without an event of disruption. They go into the awakening process voluntarily while still in the process of growth and expansion. There is also by contrast intelligent stupidity, which is dangerous to the survival of the human race as a whole. Splitting the atom to make bombs, pollution, all of these are threats to the survival of the species. Without the dysfunctional impairment of the ego, intelligence comes into alignment with universal intelligence and the need to create. This will be a kind of intensity, not to be confused with stress or struggle. Stress or struggle are signs that the ego is present, a reaction to encountering obstacles. Action is an important factor in creating, but the most important factor is consciousness.


Consciousness is in fact already conscious; it is the universe that is becoming conscious. Consciousness is timeless and is never born and never dies, but it does experience itself through forms. Consciousness incarnates into this dimension and can become form, entering a dreamlike state. It identifies with form and this process of the ego identification is one of the necessary steps in awakening consciousness. The brain was created by consciousness to express itself; you can lose it, but you cannot lose that which you are; consciousness. Awakening from the dream of form is becoming more and more common. We are in the midst of a great moment in the evolution of human consciousness. Form can be created without the loss of consciousness and experiences the sheer enjoyment of it.

Acceptance, Enjoyment, And Enthusiasm

 A New Earth Book Summary
A New Earth Book Summary

Each of these attributes requires a certain frequency of consciousness. If you are not in one of the states of acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm, look closely. You may be creating suffering for not only yourself but others. If you are not enjoying, you can at least accept the truths of your situation. Accepting the facts of your situation and doing it willingly and creates a subtle energy vibration of peace that flows into what you are doing. Enjoyment comes when you accept and begin to enjoy what you are doing. When you make the present the focus of your life, you are able to enjoy what you do, and your quality of life rises. You don’t have to wait to begin living, you can live right now. When you enjoy what you do now instead of waiting to enjoy life tomorrow, the joy of being permeates through you. Enthusiasm means there is an enjoyment in what you do as well as the pursuit of a goal that you work towards. Structural tension is added to the enjoyment, creating enthusiasm. It has a high energy frequency and you will find yourself moving towards a goal and enjoying the journey as well. Enthusiasm transfers the mental document into the physical dimension. When your goals point towards an activity that enriches yourself and others, you feel the divine purpose of the universe flow through you, and experience enthusiasm and a level of happiness that is truly wonderful.

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