Shrim Mantra with sounds of nature – 5 Hours of peaceful Sleep

In this video we look at how to recite Shrim Mantra. (This can also be used as a tool to relax your mind before you sleep)

How To Do Mantra Meditation Technique At Home

Bringing it all Together – Now that you know how to recite your mantra, try this for a week or more. This part is important – listen to the calming video below while reciting the mantra (to yourself) for at least two (2) hours.  If you can’t sit for that long, try this -lie down in your bed, turn on the calming video below and recite the mantra until you fall asleep.

Let the mantra and below video sounds create the meditative state, where you are able to transcend the limitations of your mind.



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  • Gnowark

    It’s nice to know 35 years after, that “my personal mantra” is a function of my age when I paid the $20.00 to get the girlfriend-at-the-time off my back. But it HAS helped me to concentrate, whenever I remember.